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Anāmay Āshram

Anāmay Āshram

Special Opportunity for Volunteer Applicants

Kausani 17th Sept 2022 (updated 23rd Dec 2023)

1-Week Dive into Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Dear Applicants to Anamay Ashram,

We would like to thank all those who have shown interest in joining us at the Anamay Ashram as volunteers.

We are indeed humbled by the overwhelming interest all of you have shown. Over 1000 of you have responded by phone, whatsApp, sms or emails.  We are keen to accommodate as many as we can. However, we are a small Ashram of only 6 acres and 38 rooms, and cannot accommodate beyond our existing capacity.

Yet, we are keen to give everyone an opportunity. Therefore, we are announcing a special programme of one week’s duration with a nominal total fee of INR.3,500/- all inclusive. Details of the course are as follows:

1-Week Program: Learn Transcendental Meditation, Ayurveda, and Maharishi Vedic Science

During this week participants will learn the Transcendental Meditation technique, Yoga, basic principles of Ayurveda, a general introduction to Vedic Science, Vaastu Shastra, free Jyotish consultation etc. This 1-week program will give you an opportunity to explore, practice and understand the fundamentals. If you like what we are teaching, you have an opportunity to take it further.

 For the qualified candidates (people with good mental and physical health), there will be an opportunity to either be trained as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation or join a voluntary life-time dedication program.

After successful completion of 1-week Program offered by ANAMAY ASHRAM For Qualified Applicants there will be Two Long-Term Opportunities in India in collaboration with the international TM Organization, one of our Partner Organizations.

1.     Become a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (Many opportunities available)

Teachers of Transcendental Meditation offer a beautiful service to society, creating peace and harmony through the teaching of Transcendental Meditation. TM teachers are trained through a 3-6 months training program called the TM teacher Training Course or, TTC. After successful completion of this TTC training, graduates will work with the International TM Organization on peace creating projects in schools, colleges, universities, and other sectors of society found all over India.

2.      Become a Life-time Voluntary Member Dedicated to Spirituality and Service (some opportunities available)

For those who are interested in making a life-time commitment to spiritual pursuits and service; and at the same time feel dedicated to Vedic Studies and Vedic Technologies of Consciousness, these are special opportunities available. These are open to those truly dedicated.

For those who are interested in participating in this special 1-week program the first batch starts on 5th October 2022, kindly reply to this either by email ([email protected]) or whatsApp 9917248154 with your personal details:

Name : 

Date of Birth :

Time of Birth :

Place of Birth :

Full Address : 

Phone number : 

Email : 

Choose any of these one-week schedules and inform us of our choice via WhatsApp or a phone call:


Any one week shivir starts at 4PM on the day 1 (Sunday) and it ends at 10PM Saturday. So, you can plan your leave by Sunday morning if you are not considering to volunteer at the Ashram.

Below is the Schedule of week long Shivir programs for the year 2024.

Starts on 24th Jan 2024 (Wednesday)Ends on 31st Jan (Wednesday)
Starts on 11th Feb (Sunday)
Starts on 18th Feb (Sunday)
Ends on 18th Feb (Sunday)
Ends on 25th Feb (Sunday)
Starts on 3rd Mar (Sunday)
Starts on 24th Mar (Sunday)
Ends on 10th Mar (Sunday)
Ends on 31st Mar (Sunday)
Starts on 7th April (Sunday)
Starts on 21st April (Sunday)
Ends on 14th April (Sunday)
Ends on 28th April (Sunday)
Starts on 12th May (Sunday)
Starts on 19th May (Sunday)
Ends on 19th May (Sunday)
Ends on 26th May (Sunday)
Starts on 2nd June (Sunday)
Starts on 9th June (Sunday)
Starts on 23rd June (Sunday)
Ends on 9th June (Sunday)
Ends on 16th June (Sunday)
Ends on 30th June (Sunday)
Starts on 7th July (Sunday)
Starts on 21st July (Sunday)
Ends on 14th July (Sunday)
Ends on 28th July (Sunday)
Starts on 11th August (Sunday)
Starts on 25th August (Sunday)
Ends on 18th August (Sunday)
Ends on 1st September (Sunday)
Starts on on 1st September (Sunday)
Starts on 15th September (Sunday)
Starts on 29th September (Sunday)
Ends on 8th September (Sunday)
Ends on 22th September (Sunday)
Ends on 6th October (Sunday)
Starts on 6th October (Sunday)
Starts on 27th October (Sunday)
Ends on 13th October (Sunday)
Ends on 3rd November (Sunday)
Starts on 10th November (Sunday)
Starts on 24th November (Sunday)
Ends on 17th November (Sunday)
Ends on 1st December (Sunday)
Starts on 22nd December (Sunday)
Starts on 29th December (Sunday)
Ends on 29th December (Sunday)
Ends on 5th January 2025 (Sunday)
This schedule is for the year 2024

The Shivir always starts and ends on a Sunday to make your arrival and departure convenient.

We, from the Anamay Ashram family hope to welcome you soon at our heavenly place.

Warmest regards,
Jai Guru Dev

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