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Vedic astrology (Jyotish) is an aspect of Vedic sciences which is closely related to performance of Yagyas. By observing the arrangement of planetary bodies presented in a snap-shot at one’s birth time, science of Jyotish can determine the opportunities and obstacles presented in one’s life time and calculate the timing of unfolding events. It is common in India to have a child’s birth chart analyzed immediately after birth so any remedial Yagya could be performed as soon as possible. According to Jyotish, the unfolding of events are associated with impact of different planets based on their position in one’s birth chart. Remedial Yagyas are generally performed to reduce the negative influence of these planetary bodies during the respective periods of one’s life. Vedic Yagyas may be performed for material gain or spiritual progress, or to remove obstacles and obstructions on the path of progress. Each life time presents opportunities for blossoming and fruition of some of man’s karma.

Other Yagyas are performed to achieve an objective sought by the individual, such as success in one’s undertakings, prevalence in disputes, recovery from illness or surgical operations, materialization of specific desires, or any other specified wish.
Date, time, and place of birth are needed for a practitioner of jyotish to analyze the birth chart and calculate the timing of periods when events unfold. On the basis of this information, remedial Yagyas will be recommended. Same information will be required for other Yagyas as well.
If you like your Jyotish chart to be analysed and prevent eventual avoidable dangers(हेयं दुःखमनागतं - prevent the danger which has not yet come -- Patanjali Yoga sutras) ; please send you date, time and place of birth to [email protected] .
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