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Sattvic Life

Should you have missed the Brahma-Muhurt (1-2 hours before sunrise) – known to be the most ideal time to dive deep into meditation or should you have dosed off again after your early morning meditation the gentle morning sun rays will knock at your closed eyes! 

As you tend to open your eyes in response, you are greeted with the lovely Himalayan view outside. 

Now make sure you make use of the golden time of morning hours for the Yoga Asanas session either on the roof terrace or together with all the students of Vidyapeeth. 

Before diving now into deep meditation with everyone in the ashram have a freshly brewed Kada(Herbal Tea).

Now, it’s time for a healthy breakfast that ranges from idli, poha, upma with fruits as starters. After the breakfast, hit the gas and do your chores. Volunteers will do their duties, Guests will enjoy excursions, Panchakarma or special knowledge programs.  Time for lunch! We have some lovely Madua(Ragi) rotis, served with dal, veggies, red organic rice and not to mention freshly prepared buttermilk(Chaach) from our in-house cows – something Indra can’t get in heaven – Takram shakrasya durlabha! Spend some time enjoying the view in silence. Again at 5, we start our beautiful routine of Yogāsana and group meditation followed by a divine evening Arati. After your dinner you are invited for evening knowledge programs on different topics. And always remember – the success of the next day depends on how early you put yourself to rest! 

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