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Organic Farming

Ashram follows a Sattvic and an Organic life that keeps us close to the centre and enables us to live a life of harmony with nature. We are a proud member of WWOOF(World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farm) and have been working on organic farms with the support of both local staff and our precious WWOOF volunteers from around the world and are heading at Godspeed towards self-sufficiency. Many of our fresh vegetables are sourced from our polyhouses & nethouses. All our fertilizers are chemical free and we strive to procure much of our grains from the local farmers. In consideration the health of all at the Āshram, all of the grains used are gluten free.

About traditional Agriculture :

Organic farming system in India is not new and is being followed from ancient time, a system that encompasses both Tantra and Mantra. India had ancient wisdom on farming since human civilization inhabited settled community lifestyle. Knowledge was brought forth by enlightened Rishis who lived in forests and understood the rhythms of nature. One of these great Rishis was Parashara Maharishi but there were many others who taught the art and science of cultivation as per Vedic science.

Organic agriculture is a unique production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. This is accomplished by using on-farm agronomic, biological and mechanical methods in exclusion of all synthetic off-farm inputs”.

Organic farming promotes the use of crop rotations and cover crops, and encourages balanced host/predator relationships. Organic residues and nutrients produced on the farm are recycled back to the soil. Cover crops and composted manure are used to maintain soil organic matter and fertility. Preventative insect and disease control methods are practiced, including crop rotation, sensitivity to time of planting and harvesting as per season & lunar cycles.

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