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Training for beginners and advanced, to become a teacher or just to enjoy

               Anamay Trust teaches a form of Raja Yoga. Anamay is a sanksrit word meaning fully integrated perfect health in enlightenment, free from disease. Therefore, based on the root of its meaning, Anamay demands the best of everything of its vast field (Yoga, Ayurveda, Vastu). Specific physical exercises and postures (Asanas) are taught in a progressive manner suited to the participant. Certain breathing techniques (Pranayama) lead even more to the experience of perfect mind-body-coordination and a strong healthy physiology. The Upanishads explain the five levels starting with the outermost layer, the layer of the physiology maintained by food (Anamayakosha) followed by the next finer (Pranamayakosha), therefore the effectiveness of Pranayama. The next layer is Manamayakosha, the mind. Transcendental Meditation, the original method of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is from all angles of investigation the best. It leads the mind to its most natural, most simple and utmost fulfilling state – Atma or Para level. Naturally experiencing the next 4th and final 5th layer (Gyanamayakosha and Anandamayakosha), the layer of total knowledge or wisdom and finally the basis of all: bliss – ananda. We therefore integrate in our courses also basic Ayurvedic lifestyle guidelines, Gandharvaveda Veda (music and dance) and principles of Vastu (Vedic Architecture) of how to behave, to enjoy and how to build a life in tune with natural law. Profound Vedic Knowledge and experience allow the holistic cognition of true yoga: Unity with the Divine, the highest in one’s own consciousness. Certified by Anamay Ashram for the preservation and promotion of the Vedic Heritage of India in the Himalayas. Yoga Education in Austria with Walpurgis Schwarzlmueller

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