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यदि शैलसमं पापं विस्तीर्णं बहुयोजनाम् । भिद्यते ध्यान योगेन नान्यो भेदो कदाचन ।।

If sins(karma) of the side of mountain spanning many many kilometers existy, even then Dhyāna yoga( Meditation) penetrates it all like nothing else can ever penetrate.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has taught Transcendental Meditation all over the world since 1955 reviving the most important, most ancient and most effective aspect of Vedic tradition of knowledge. Meditation as a simple, systematic technique of going to deeper and deeper levels of thinking to transcend the subtlest thought to experience the inner Self(Ātmā).
Maharishi also presided the modern scientific study of the effectiveness of this simple and effortless technique to go beyond thoughts . It has been seen to increase integration in brain functioning, reduction in the rate of respiration, and balancing blood pressure and improving behaviour in domestic and corporate settings. This technique also has seen to be increasing coherence in the environment preventing or reducing violence and crime in the environment.
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