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Panchakarma is an ayurvedic form of therapy that aims at eliminating toxic elements from the body. Let’s break down the word so that it makes more sense. Pancha implies “Five” and “Karma” implies regime in other words: Therapeutic Pentad. The word ‘karma’ in panchakarma denotes “bahu iti kartavyata” (Ch.Su.2/15 Chakrapani) which means multifaceted five therapeutic actions. “Karmasu iti kaushalam” (skillful actions) , Science of Metabolic detoxification (vishaharan) & Art of Biopurification (shuddhikaran) and Rejuvenation (kayakalp).
It’s basically a bio-cleansing regimen, which facilitates the body system for better bio-availability of the pharmacological therapies, besides achieving homeostasis of Doshas.
What are the Objectives of Panchakarma(PK)?
 To maintain positive health in a healthy individual. (Preventive PK)
 • To obtain extraordinary qualities like Rasayana & Vajikarana. (Promotive PK)  
•  To treat/remove the ailments of a diseased person. (Curative PK) (Ch.Si 1/53) Ayurveda provides a systematic and timely way live a healthy and successful life by balancing the doshas(imbalances) and by eliminating toxins(Āma) from the body.We have excellent Ayurvedic physicians(Vaidya) and wonderful herbs and herbal preparations at the ashram for all types of treatments at the Āshram
Significance of PK
Panchkarma is a tool for Bio-servicing which is achieved through removal of cumulated impurities or toxic metabolites, especially from bodily fluids which are refractory in nature.
Principles of Panchakarma :-
• Srotoshodhana (Channels/pores cleansing) Bringing accumulated Doshas from Shakha to Koshta (GIT) and elimination through nearest route.
 • Samsarjana Karma . Non-Relapse/ Non-Recurrence of the diseases.
Probable mode of action of Panchkarma
 • It eliminates the metabolic wastes & toxins.
 • It cleanses the micro & macro channels (cell to system).
 • It helps in early repair of tissues and improves nourishment & tissue perfusion.
 • It prevents early ageing and relaxes both body and mind.
 • It increases the bioavailability of the drug and excretion of unwanted substances.
Major/Main Procedures (Classical Panchakarma):-
• Vamana (Therapeutic emesis)
 • Virechana (Therapeutic purgation)
 • Basti (Therapeutic enema)
 • Nasya (Therapeutic errhines)
 • Rakta Mokshana (Blood letting)
Availing Panchakarma at Anamay Ashram

Suggested duration of the treatment is 2-3 weeks. The patient will have a detailed consultation with our Vaidya (Ayurveda Doctor) who will give a customised treatment plan as per the individual’s constitution and health conditions. 


During your stay you are welcome to join in yoga (in consultation with our Vaidya), mediation and ayurveda classes at our Ashram.

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