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Vedic Yagyas are a technology of consciousness to create desired changes in the material world through use of Vedic sounds (mantras) in prescribed manners. They are the archetypal act of creation which connect the Transcendence with the manifest realty. Through Yagya every aspect of the universe is reconnected to its source and the world is nurtured and revitalized.

Vedic Mantras

Vedas are representation of the transcendental form of knowledge that is captured and is contained in the sound syllables (mantras). The mantras are sound vibrations that perpetually exist in the unified field of natural law, and which were cognized by ancient seers and expressed in their vocal utterances. They are considered to be primordial vibrations that were heard (shruti), and are not man-made ideas. Vedic mantras embody the perfect correlation between name and form, and correct application of them unfolds the original form of knowledge in man’s awareness and gives him mastery over natural law.

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