New Vedic Organic Green House

Our newest Vedic Organic Greenhouse (one of three) is now fully operational and we have achieved yet another step towards complete food self-sufficiency! Sama- and Rk-Veda are played via loudspeakers during the day nurturing the tenderly growing plants from the most fundamental level of Nature. As you can see, the pandit boys helped very diligently.


Five of our best Samaveda students, who have been at the ashram longest, were sent to South India (Shringeri) to receive their final training with one of the most proficient living Sama Veda acharyas (teachers). They are expected to return after a year to re-­awaken the tradition of Sama Veda in the Himalayas, since at present there are no Sama Veda Acharyas in the Himalayas. These students have an important work ahead!

Surprisingly, what happened after these students left for South India was that our student body started to grow quickly with more and more new admissions into the ashram. From as far as Bihar and Assam, and from Delhi and naturally from this region students come to join us. Slowly we are getting recognition as a good Vedic school.