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Anāmay Āshram

Anāmay Āshram

Testimonial by Visitor

We recently received a very nice, beautifully written testimonial by a visitor from France. Here it is:

“I would like to share my experience of my stay at Anamay Ashram in Kausani. First of all I was impressed by the beauty of this Himalaya region called Kumaon. The road which will take you from Kathgodam train station to Kausani via Almora is splendid. First of all the roads are good, well maintained and I was enjoying the amazing views of nature along the way, changing from one valley to another.


Nature there is luxurious, abundant, various rivers and mountain streams are rushing or flowing gently according to the different areas you are traveling through. The mountains are all covered by green lush vegetation, beautiful rice fields in layers give the feeling of a perfect green lawn layed out by the hand of man, in that case mountain farmers. Kumaon people are very friendly towards foreigners; they have that smile and sparkle of joy in their eyes which express more than any word the beauty and softness of the Himalayan region.


I arrived for the first time at Anamay Ashram which is at about 2000 meters (6000 feet) above sea level and accessible by a nice walk in the beautiful wood with small mountain streams, exotic birds, green tea plantations, various trees including sort of pine trees. I could see around young shepherd taking care of their cows or goats, it reminded me a bit of Switzerland, no wonders that the Kumaon Region is considered as ‘the Switzerland of India’.


My one week stay at Anamay Ashram was wonderful. The Ashram is located in total nature with woods and soft slopes. The first impression I got is the peace, serenity and joy permeating the atmosphere and everyone living there. The Ashram is located on a soft slope and has a breathtaking view well over valleys in front with high snow Himalayan peaks in the background. At sun set or early morning when the clouds have not yet covered the peaks, I could enjoy the majestic splendid view of the Himalaya range; just for that it is worthwhile doing the traveling.


I should say that I have been warmly welcomed by Brahmachari Asutosh Ji who has entirely created the Ashram and is running it on a daily basis. My room was very comfortable made with wood, which gave me the feeling of a Swiss chalet. I was enjoying to be guided by him to visit the whole Ashram, and I was amazed about how out of nothing this wonderful place has been set up.


The concept of Ashram is to be self-sufficient in various areas including energy, water and food. There are green houses to grow vegetables, a cow barn, which delivers fresh milk twice a day, with which fresh butter also being produced daily. There are a few other buildings like a carpentry workshop to make doors, windows, etc., other machines to process various grains, even a special machine to make oil. There are plenty of wild pear trees, which give abundant fruits that are used to make delicious fruit chutneys.

polyhouse inside

What is even more impressive is the presence of about 40 young Vedic Pandits who are reciting the Vedas every day. They live in the Ashram and look very happy and radiant, trained by their Indian Vedic Acharya or teacher. Every day you can hear resonating in the whole ashram, echoing the purity of Nature around, the traditional Vedic slokas recited by these young Vedic Pandits. They are doing their full TM & TM Sidhi Program in group as part of their Vedic Routine, all under Asutosh’s supervision.


I felt very much at home, every one you meet smiles to you including the workers on the construction site of the new four floors guest house, which is accommodating already a Pancha Karma unit. The building will welcome more guests in different types of rooms from standard to suite, even a lift will be set up. Every morning the 40 Indian staffs living and working there, are meditating in groups.


All various activities, including the construction of new buildings there as well as maintenance are under Asutosh’s personal supervision. It seems that there is not one single detail which is not under his guidance and management; and all done in a very graceful, gentle but efficient way which characterizes Asutosh’s personality, including his great sense of humor and his lively stories about how this whole project came about under Maharishi’s guidance.


I should also mention that the food is delicious, proper bathroom with hot water for shower, internet and mobile phone network are available. There are beautiful nature sites and Vedic temples to visit in the area.

I felt completely refreshed by the power of silence, harmony, joy and peace, which are permeating the Ashram. It is a place where I could easily spend the rest of my life, for sure, this is a place where I will definitively come back.


I would recommend everyone to visit Anamay Ashram and experience this wonderful place like a concrete taste of how Heaven could be lived on Earth.

A. C. (France)

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