Ashutosh Urs Strobel

Short bio of Ashutosh Urs Strobel


Born 1954 in Basel Switzerland

Received Diploma in Analytical Chemistry in 1973 in Basel

But the deep focus was to Yoga and Indian Philosophy. Already with the age of 10 Yoga practice has become a fixed part of the daily routine. After several years in 1970 Transcendental Meditation was discovered. This was it.

Left everything and went to Maharishi in Dec. 1973. Under Maharishi’s guidance received training in many fields, did research in EEG, worked on different research projects at Maharishi European Research University, became a teacher of TM, taught many courses, and 1000nds of people.

Came to India for the first time in Nov. 1980 to participate in the Vedic Science course held by Maharishi in the Indian Express building at New Delhi.

In October 1981 became founding member of Maharishi’s “Sahasrashirsha Purusha “. Then research and training under Rajvaiday Vasudev Mulch and Dwivedi in Rasashastra for several years (partly in India from June 1986 to October 1988). After that were several years of long meditations and studies in Ved and Upanishads etc. at the Maharishi Vedic University in Holland. Between there were practical assignments of teaching Vedic Sciences (fundamentals of Sanskrit) in Florida USA.

Since 1996 January full time in India, since 2011 Citizen of India, currently running a Vedic Ashram in Kausani, Uttaranchal with the goal to create again a Vedic Atmosphere in the Home of the Veda, the Himalaya.

Presently 40 Students are studying Ved in the Anamay Ashram.

In the following you can see the longest interview of Ashutosh to the present day (35 minutes):

You can write Ashutosh at or call him at (+91) 98 10 207 429 or (+91) 75 99 367 331 or (+91) 99 17 248 154.